JUMP START DIGITAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Focused Program For BUSINESS EXECUTIVES World’s first learning program powered by Lean Digital Thinking
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Course Overview

The world today is hyper-connected due to technological innovations, which is the origin of the 4th industrial revolution and the digital economy. Digital natives like Google, Amazon, Microsoft are born digitals. Traditional industries like manufacturing, banking, retail, transportation, healthcare, hi-tech, travel and others are digital immigrants. Digital immigrants must transform and transition from traditional businesses to digital businesses, which is a humongous task.

Most of the learning programs today focus deep on digital technologies,which may not be entirely relevant for business executives. Business executives are expected to understand various technologies and its impact on their line of businesses. Jump Start Digital Business Management is a unique program designed for business executives, who are not that much conversant with technologies. This training is the world’s first training designed for business executives using Lean Digital Thinking that helps business executives to create new products, services, revenue streams, customersegments and achieve operational excellence

Course Leader & Faculty

V. Srinivasa Rao (VSR)

  • Chief Digital Consultant & Advisor
  • Chairman & MD, BT&BT
  • Chairman, Smart Cities Working Group, IET, India
  • Member of Bureau of Indian Standards for Blockchain Smart Contracts ISO Standard
  • Former Chairman, PMI Team India (7 Chapters, 6000+ members)
  • Master’s in engineering, Engineering Design
  • CGBL- Certificate of Global Business Leadership (U21, Harvard Business School Publishing & Satyam School of Leadership)
  • Strengths Discovery, Strengths-Based Leadership (Gallup University)

VSR is a senior technology business executive with more than 25 years of experience and is digital business leader and technology entrepreneur. He worked as Senior Vice President and de-facto Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Tech Mahindra. He also worked at TCS, Infosys, iGATE and Satyam Computers and manged large technology businesses.

VSR is the chairman of Smart Cities working Group of Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET, India) (https://www.theiet.org/ ). As CMD of BT&BT (btbt.co.in) and as an investor, digital business visionary, VSR has pioneered on a few digital business solution and product innovations. VSR has advised andmentored CXOs, Government officers (IAS, IPS, IDS) on digital strategies, business models, policies, processes, and governance

VSR has authored a book on Software Defined Smart Cities, published by IET. VSR’s book on Lean Digital Thinking – Practitioners Book for Digitalizing Businesses will be published by Bloomsbury, oneof the top 50 publishers in the world.

VSR is a known thought leader. He participated in many Panel Discussions and Keynote Speeches at the events held by various professional organizations. His interviews and articles published by various professional bodies and organizations.

Target Audience

  • Customer Relationship Managers / Executives
  • Business Development Managers/ Executives
  • Branding & Marketing Managers/ Executives
  • Product Designers
  • Business Process Managers
  • Functional Consultants
  • Business Operations Managers/ Executives
  • Supply Chain Managers / Executives
  • Production Managers/ Production Engineers
  • Project Managers / Executives
  • HR Managers/ Executives
  • Technology Managers / Executives

Learning Path

  • The Digital Business Battlefield
  • Technology-Driven Businesses
  • Acquire Digital Mindset
  • Design Digital Business Future
  • Digitalize Products And Services
  • Manage Digital Business Operations
  • Establish Digital Technology Foundation
  • Digital Transformation Journey
  • Acquire Digital Business Skills
  • Driving Two Speed Businesses

Lean Digital, Lean Digital Thinking, Lean Digital Quotient are the trademarks of BT&BT

Learning Outcomes

The Digital Business battle Field

Acquire knowledge on why traditional business fall and what are the new trends, shifts, gigital age customer needs, attitude and new

Technology Driven Businesses

Acquire knowledge on how businessexecutives could drive their line of business like technology business and start - ups

Acquire Digital Mindset

Acquire knowledge on 12 principles of leandigital thinking to think, execute and communicate differently in the digital eraand prepare for digital future

DESIGN Digital Business FUTURE

Acquire knowledge to create your organizations digital business blueprint for next 3.5 years

Digitalize Products and Services

Acquire knowledge to design digital products, services and acquire knowledge to offer unforgettable moments of experience to have life long customers

Manage Digital Business Operations

Acquire knowledge to digitalize process workflows, build digital workplaces and technology driven organizations that helps in improving profits and reducing cost

Establish Digital Technology Foundation

Acquire knowledge on foundation blocks of technology that are required for line of businesses to be successful and able to provide direction to technology executives

Digital Transformation Journey

Acquire Knowledge on how to assess digital strengths and weaknesses and What to Start, When to Start, How to Start digital transformation journey to achieve high ROI

Acquire Digital Business Skills

Learn new roles, new skills, and new behaviors required to become a successful business executive in the digital era

Driving Two Speed Business

Acquire knowledge to design digital products, services and acquire knowledge to offer unforgettable moments of experience to have life long customers

Application Assignments

Customer Journey Map

Designing unforgettable moments of experience to acquire lifelong customers

Lean Digital Quotient finder for Supply Chain Management process

Digital strengths & weaknesses analysis

Driving digital business like a technology start-up

Respond to customer needs at the speed of thought and agility of a startup

The Differentiation

  • Well experienced digital business practitioner as faculty and facilitator
  • First of its kind comprehensive digital talent building program for business executives who are not proficient in technologies
  • World’s first digital business excellence framework powered by twelve principles of Lean Digital Thinking
  • The best online learning platform
  • Four hours free Mentoring support after completing the training
  • Free Book written by the facilitator titled “Lean Digital Thinking – Practitioners guide for digitalizing businesses” Publisher : One of the top 50 publisher’s in the world, Bloomsbury


2+ years working experience in any industry No need to have technology expertise

Fee & Duration

Fee : INR 24999 + All Applicable Taxes
Duration : 16.5 hours

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