Induction Training

Sudaksha strives to create industry-ready graduates continuously. Companies can either dip into this talent pool or can choose to customize the output quality of the trainees from our finishing school.

Choose from "Train and Hire," "Hire and Train" or three types of fresher training to hire the right talent.

1. Train and Hire

Companies looking to hire can get fresh talent from our ready-to-deploy pool or through our forecast model. Individuals will undergo training before they are hired by firms. Candidates will bear the training costs.

Forecast model

Based on organisation quarterly forecast,trained candidates pool can be made available for hire!

Ready to deploy

Hire from our pool of the best talent for immediate and unplanned needs

Benefits to the organization

  • Up to 90% of cost saving on fresh talent transformation
  • Hire trained resources quickly
  • Instant RoI for Trained hire's

2. Hire and Train

Companies can hire talent directly from campus or co-source with sudaksha and send them for training at Sudaksha. Students will learn valuable skills in Programming and Communication skills that will be applicable in their new jobs. Candidates will bear the training costs, while companies bear the sourcing and administrative costs.

Benefits to the organization

  • Precise hiring decision
  • Three months time for companies to completely assess a candidate.
  • Candidates that are productive and billable from day one.
  • Ensuring job satisfaction of the trained candidates.
  • Up to 90% cost saving on training and fresh recruitment.

3. On-demand Trainers

Our on-demand trainer services can be used by all organizations which hire freshers directly from the campus or off-campus. The client will conduct interviews based on trainer profiles and shortlisted trainers will start training.

What we Offer

  • We can partner with organizations to provide technology, leadership and business communication trainers.
  • We will share trainer profiles based on the specific requirements shared by the client.
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Sudaksha offers it all and you can save upto 90% on talent acquisition and training costs.

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