Qlik Sense Training

Course Overview

Qlik Sense Training by Sudaksha will help you learn all the essential concepts required to become a Data Visualization Professional. The course library is designed by experts who are certified Qlik Sense Data Architects and it helps you master the concepts that are key to Qlik Sense Learning. In this course, you’ll learn the topics like data discovery, writing data load scripts, dashboards and reports creation, develop and share apps and design and create data visualizations, etc.

Qlik Sense is starting to grow large among BI tools and it is being used by the top companies like SAS, Empire communities Inc, Avantor AS, etc. So, mastering Qlik Sense can help you grow your career, the average salary of a BI developer is $85,000 per annum.


This course is best suited for IT Architects, reporting and analytics professionals, developers and testing professionals.

Course Curriculum

    1. Qlik Sense Introduction and Installation

  • How Qlik Sense is different from Qlikview
  • Need for self service BI Tool
  • Qlik Sense Data Discovery
  • Installation of Qlik Sense and Qlik Sense Desktop

    2. Qlik Sense Features

  • Drag-drop visualization
  • Data indexing engine
  • Dimension relationships
  • Connecting to multiple data sources
  • Creating own dashboards
  • Visual analytics
  • 3. Qlik Sense Data Model

  • Learning data modeling
  • Converting data columns into rows
  • Converting data rows into fields
  • Hierarchical data loading
  • Using common field to combine data from two tables
  • Loading new or updated data from database
  • 4. Creating a Data Model

  • Qlik Sense data architecture
  • Learning about QVD layer
  • Converting Qlikview files to Qlik Sense
  • Working with synthetic keys
  • 5. Advanced Data Modeling

  • Qlik Sense star schema
  • Working with link and dimension table
  • Master calendar
  • QVD files
  • Optimizing data modeling
  • 6. Qlik Sense Enterprise

  • Qlik Sense enterprise class tools
  • Qlik Sense custom app
  • Rapid development
  • Embedding visuals
  • Powerful open api’s
  • Enterprise class architecture
  • Integration of big data
  • Enterprise security
  • Elastic scaling
  • 7. Visualization in Qlik Sense

  • Understanding Qlik Sense visualization tools
  • Creating charts and maps
  • Rich data storytelling
  • Sharing visual analysis
  • 8. Set Analysis

  • Learning about set analysis
  • Different set expressions like: identifiers, modifiers, operators and comparative analysis.
  • 9. Advanced Set Analysis

  • Understanding about set analysis
  • Deploying comparison set
  • Point in time analysis
  • 10. Qlik Sense charts

  • Introduction to different charts: Bar Line Pie pivot table.
  • 11. Advanced Charts

  • Understanding different advanced charts: Gauge Scatter plots map/geo
  • 12. Master Library

  • Overview of Qlik Sense Master Library
  • Benefits
  • Distinct Features
  • User-friendly apps
  • 13. Qlik Sense Storytelling
  • Learning about storytelling in Qlik Sense
  • Creating storytelling
  • Story playback
  • 14. Mashups

  • Learning Mashups in Qlik Sense
  • Creation of Single Graphical interface
  • Testing Mashups
  • Deploying mashups flowchart
  • Simple and normal mashup scenarios
  • 15. Extensions in QlikSense

  • Qlik Sense Extensions
  • Making dynamic Hello world
  • Learning its working
  • Adding a preview image
  • 16. Security

  • Different security aspects of Qlik Sense
  • Content security
  • Security rules
  • Different Components of security rules
  • Learning data reductions
  • Dynamic data reductions
  • User access workflow
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What our students say

Madhuri N

P Krishna SandeepSoftware Engineer, PopcornApps

Throughout the duration of the Sudaksha Java programme, I did a lot of hard work and put focussed efforts in my learning and completing assignments and case studies. All these things gave me great scope to implement my learnings and made me confident about my skills and abilities. Subsequently I got a placement in popcornapps as software developer and I think my placement is the result of my hard work and focussed efforts.

Madhuri N

Ramya Kalidindi,Software Developer, PopcornApps

Initially I found the atmosphere at Sudaksha very new to me but being an adaptable girl, I adjusted myself to it in no time. Very soon I mingled with everyone and started learning. My motto was to understand, practice and learn. I followed it and with the help of my trainers, I successfully improved my skills quite a lot.

Madhuri N

V Sudharani

I passed B Tech in 2016. As I am from CSE branch I had a little bit of knowledge in Java. But after joining Sudaksha I implemented every module in coding. I developed projects by myself in Sudaksha by understanding and utilizing every topic, not like B Tech projects. While doing our projects we came to know different technologies and tools. I am a self learner. After learning a technology concept in a class, I would understand it by myself though practicing and hands on.

Madhuri N

Srilakshmi Grandhi

I passed BTech in EEE in 2014. I am very much interested in software development field but I didn’t know any pertinent technology. One of my seniors suggested me to join sudaksha. When I joined sudaksha I had zero knowledge of Javaand after finishing with learning at sudaksha, I have good knowledge about Java. Learning Java in three months is not an easy task. But it became true in sudaksha.

Madhuri N

Mounika Kodali

As I’m from CSE background I had little bit knowledge on Java but, to achieve my dream that knowledge was not sufficient. To enhance my skills I needed a perfect platform. From one of my cousins I came to know about Sudaksha and joined Java course. Actually it was my first place where I developed three projects without any fear. I got two opportunities and finally I’m into Megasoft Pvt Ltd. I thank Sudaksha for helping me achieve the life what I had always dreamt for.

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