Empower Program for L&D Professionals

We know how to build your L&D function and enable it to get a seat on the executive strategy table. It is paradigm shift. Our unique OPT (Organization, Process, Technology) and TAG (Training, Administration and Governance) frameworks make this process very engaging.


We keep close eye on what’s happening around the world. Here are a few key L&D insights for you.

Our Process

Our process is really simple to understand yet comprehensive. In our experience, treating all the steps with equal importance gives best results to create an L&D function which contributes significantly in the organizations.

We play in all walks of L&D and can solve all the concerns using our frameworks. These frameworks have been designed by people with more than 20 years of experience and are very intuitive.


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


In this stage of our Empower Program we design your L&D strategy in line with the corporate strategy and develop L&D imperatives. These imperatives become the beacon of light to lead rest of the process. This is a highly collaborative process and while we give all the tools, processes and best practice frameworks, you finalize and freeze the blueprint and learning journeys.

Our Develop Framework


In this stage of our Empower Program we discuss with you and allocate the best people to you from our experienced L&D talent pool. This process follows organization design principles and while we build the organization, you guide us on the key needs and structure. Yet again, our OPT framework is simple yet comprehensive.

We also build your L&D technology architecture in this phase. This part covers your need of content build, learning delivery and L&D measurement.

This is a decision driven process. We propose, justify and you approve the technology architecture, guiding principles and budget.

Our Execute Framework


In this stage of our Empower Program we propose choices of governance model to you and explain pros and cons of the choice. Again, this is a decision driven process. We propose, justify and you approve and allocate resources.

Our Govern Framework